The contract for Campbell Hill Road is scheduled to begin Monday
morning, June 12. This project will start with residents being switched to temporary water. If you are going to be without water someone will
contact you to let you know the dates and times.
There will also be road closures for this project, residents will be notified as soon as we are notified.
We appreciate your understanding!


Just some important information on the St. George Medical Center. This is a center that will eventually have 2 physicians working in it. Dr. M Natarajan is resuming her own practice there tomorrow Wednesday March 8th. Horizon Health is recruiting to the billing number made vacant by Dr. Kaminska. We have been told they are going through applications and will let you know when we have more concrete information to share.  This is not a walk in clinic ,the only walk in clinic right now is Fundy Health Center in Blacks Harbor .When we get a new physician he/she will decide how they practice. We realize the physician shortage extends to Fundy health center, but recruitment to our area will improve the coverage at Fundy Health center.  If you have a chart with Dr. Kaminska and wish to transfer it to another physician, you can fill out a transfer and release sheet , at Fundy health Center and it will be forwarded to your new physician.  We are confident we will recruit a physician for our new clinic , which will help alleviate the issues patients are facing right now.