Information on Garbage and Recyclables Collection

Important Information To Residents Regarding Garbage and Recyclables Collection: 

• The week following recycling “blue bin” pickup – No heavy items such as mattresses, sofas or anything other than regular garbage. While garbage bags are not limited, large items will not be accepted on this week.
• On the weeks that large items are accepted, large items that have been left out in the rain or snow and weigh much more than they should, these items will be left behind. Items should be placed out the morning of pickup. The Town of St. George is charged by the weight of their garbage and items such as rain-soaked mattresses or sofas adds additional weight charges.
• Garbage bins or recycling bins left in snow banks will result in the possibility of these items being left behind. Please make sure your bins are accessible.
• Recycling “blue” bins that are not being used should not be left at the end of your driveway. If they are at the end of the driveway the truck has to stop. Placing unused bins near your house will decrease unneeded stops on recycling week.