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During the summer months, there is a number of projects being completed which will disrupt traffic. Please visit our News Section for more details or view our Public Advisories Map (click to view)

2019 Traffic Advisories:

Lower Bridge (Magaguadavic No. 1)
Timeframe: September-November
Reason: Province of New Brunswick (DTI); refurbishment of lower bridge.

Impacts: South Street detour (Campbell Hill Road); no thru traffic over bridge.

South Street & lower Portage Street (Eagles Nest)
Timeframe: May-July.
Reason: sidewalk installation, paving of parking lots, relocation of utility poles

Impacts: Temporary traffic stoppage. Closure of picnic area.

40 Main Street 
Timeframe: June-July
Reason: grading, paving of parking lot & topsoil in the garden area.
Impacts: Parking in the lot at 40 Main will not be permitted during construction.

McLean Lane has permanently closed.

Map: Public Advisories Map (click to view)

Traffic Advisories / Road Construction Report