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St. George Walking Trails

Marsh Trail – The Marsh Trail winds along the western side of the Magaguadavic River, throughout the Ducks Unlimited wetland. provides an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to explore and connect with the marsh. Viewing platforms, benches and interpretive signs add to the public enjoyment of the wetland. Parking is available at the St. George Curling Club. Distance: 2.15km

River Trail – The River Trail offers an easy pace along the eastern side of the Magaguadavic River, connecting the Day Adventure Center to North Street. Benches along the trail provide spots to stop and enjoy life along the river. Parking is available at the Day Adventure Center. Distance: 790m

Connector Trail – The Connector provides a link between the River Trail and the Marsh Trail, across the River via the Highway Bridge. Stop on the bridge to catch a view of the Day Adventure Center. Distance: 370m

Sentier NB Trail – Administered by Sentier NB Trails, and utilizing the former CP Railway, this multi-use trail takes a traveler westward from the Town, along the southern shore of Lake Utopia. Just imagine… years ago, this route once provided rail service to the Town. Distance: 4.65km

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