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CCRTA Photo Contest

The CCRTA is currently running a photo contest for members of the public. The resulting photos will be shared in an online library for all of our members to use in their marketing materials. Please share the photo contest with your followers and clients – the more participants we have, the better the library will be!

Link to the photo contest on CCRTA website:

Direct link to submission page, where you can also view the entries to date:

Southwest NB Recreation Follow-up

Due to the strong turnout at the regional recreation public sessions last week, the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission would like to give residents an opportunity to keep the conversation going. Recreation infrastructure and programs are very important to a large number of people. We wanted to let you know that there is a virtual ‘Community Idea Wall’ that shows preliminary ideas expressed in surveys, public sessions, and interviews.  It can be found by visiting this website:

Important post regarding recreation in Charlotte County!

**IMPORTANT** We are asking all residents to please take a moment and read the following post. We also encourage you all to take a moment and complete the online survey and to attend the meeting happening on Wednesday, Nov 29th, 2017. Thank you!

‘To RESIDENTS (youth to seniors) of EASTERN CHARLOTTE COUNTY (catchment area of Fundy High School)
We are at a crucial point in relation to recreation and recreation services. Let us first redefine recreation because today it is “wellness” of body and mind of all generations,that we speak of, far different than the old definition of “games for kids”.
There is a lot happening at this moment in time that should be important to all!
Firstly: The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission ( which includes the areas of Harvey, McAdam, Campobello, St. Stephen, St. Andrews, St. George, Deer Island, Blacks Harbour and all adjacent Local Service Districts ), has recently been given the mandate by the province, for “Regional Sport, Recreation, Cultural Infrastructure Planning and Cost Sharing”.
You are likely familiar with the SW Regional Service Commission, in the context of Waste Management, Land Planning and Emergency Measures Planning. Now “Recreation” has been added to their responsibilities.
As a result, two things are happening very quickly:
The SWRSC has commissioned “Stantec Consulting” to do “A Regional Recreation Master Plan”. The region is described above. Eastern Charlotte is a “subregion” within that region.
The purpose of this Master Plan, is to determine the current recreation interests and wants of residents, and to determine how best to invest recreation funds to serve the region. Two immediate aspects of the plan are on our doorstep.
1) Southwest Regional Recreation Survey (available facebook page / website Town of St. George).

2) Community Recreation Workshop – Wednesday, November 29, 6:30 at Magaguadavic Place,to explore current recreational activities, where these occur, and what activities or facilities would ensure sustainable recreation in the future.

Eastern Charlotte Recreation Committee
You may have heard that there is an active committee comprised of local citizens and representatives of the Village of Blacks Harbour, the Town of St. George and all area local Service Districts.
This committee is looking at the delivery of Recreational Services in Eastern Charlotte County. They are examining the possible construction of a “Civic Centre” in the form of a “Field House”, in the Eastern Charlotte area, to serve the recreation (wellness) needs of the residents. This facility would not have a pool or ice surface, as these facilities are very expensive to maintain and operate.
The design process is ongoing, with discussion focused on an indoor soccer facility (indoor tennis options), indoor walking track facility, a wellness facility ( fitness area ), a double gymnasium, community meeting rooms, conference rooms and café.
Discussion is underway with an established outside agency for the provision of programs with daycare and after school programs being at the top of the list.

This Southwest Region is a large area with many diverse and individual parts:
 McAdam
 Harvey
 St. Stephen
 Campobello
 St. Andrews
 Eastern Charlotte
 Grand Manan
 Adjacent Local Service Districts
The purpose of the consultation is to determine interests in areas of recreation, and what is lacking and what is needed, in terms of programs and facilities and how to invest recreation funds to best serve this very large region.
I expect that those funds are limited and that the area showing the most interest and making the most noise and showing the greatest need, will get the greatest consideration.
Eastern Charlotte – we need to make the most noise and show the greatest interest by having a large percentage of households fill out the survey AND we need large numbers to attend next Wednesday’s meeting. We need grandmothers and fathers and parents and children and soccer teams and baseball teams and basketball teams. We need your friends and relatives and neighbours. We need to speak with a loud voice through our surveys and at the meeting next Wednesday. We need to demonstrate that Eastern Charlotte does want more, not just in facilities but in programs.
Some would say, we need more youth programs! Some would say, we need more senior’s activities! Some would say, we need facilities in our area that would encourage those who work in the area to live here as well! Some would say, we need more courts for volleyball, basketball, badminton, and pickleball as schools are becoming more difficult to access and more expensive! Some would say, we need a focal point in this area where all the family can recreate! What would you say?
Please say it in the survey and come to the public meeting. We may not have another chance!
Please share this in as many forms as you can or forward it to your contact list if you are getting this by email. Please spread the word! Hope to see you at the meeting! ‘  Survey Link:

Community Recreation Workshop

Community Recreation Workshop happening on Nov. 29th, 2017. The community is invited to join in anytime between  6:30pm and 8:00pm! Happening at Magaguadavic Place!