Weather Update

“The current forecast is still calling for 75-100mm of rain over 24 hrs for Southwestern NB. Gusts of 90km/hr winds may accompany the rain along the Fundy Coast. Double digit temperatures will continue to melt the snowpack and add to water levels in streams and rivers. Temperatures will drop below zero and freeze standing water as the storm passes by late in the day on Saturday. Motorists should avoid driving through water from overflowing ditches, rivers or streams, and be aware of freezing roads when the temperature drops. Those living along rivers or streams should be vigilant in monitoring water levels as the rainfall will be heavy and can lead to a rapid rise in water levels. All citizens should monitor their properties as basements prone to leaking may have issues. Basements not prone to leaking can still be vulnerable if snow around your home is not adequately cleared to allow for drainage from the heavy rainfall and melting snow. The situation will be monitored by Municipal EMO Coordinator Sean Morton and Regional Coordinator Brent Whelan throughout the storm and updates will be posted as information becomes available.”